Extendable base adapter class used by @pollyjs

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Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions

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The @pollyjs/adapter package provides an extendable base adapter class that contains core logic dependent on by the Fetch & XHR adapters.


Note that you must have node (and npm) installed.
npm install @pollyjs/adapter -D

If you want to install it with yarn:
yarn add @pollyjs/adapter -D


Check out the Custom Adapter documentation for more details.


import Adapter from '@pollyjs/adapter';

class CustomAdapter extends Adapter {
  static get id() {
    return 'custom';

  onConnect() {
    /* Do something when the adapter is connect to */

  onDisconnect() {
    /* Do something when the adapter is disconnected from */

For better usage examples, please refer to the source code for the Fetch & XHR adapters.


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