Kendo UI Upload wrapper for React

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Looking for a Professional React Upload Component?
This package helps you to use the Kendo UI for jQuery Upload in React applications. It should not be confused with the KendoReact Upload, which is written 100% with React (no jQuery dependency).
Most UI components in Kendo UI for jQuery, including this one, have their native React equivalents, available as part of the KendoReact UI library.


This package will not be receiving future updates. We strongly encourage you to work with the native React implementation linked above. If you still need to use the Kendo UI for jQuery widgets in your React applications, you can follow these instructions.

What is the Difference between Kendo UI for jQuery and KendoReact?

The Kendo UI for jQuery Upload is part of Kendo UI for jQuery, a complete, feature-rich jQuery UI component library.
The KendoReact Upload is part of KendoReact, a library that includes 100+ UI and DataViz components designed and built from the ground up for React.
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