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A collection of helpers, utils, validators and normalizers to assist the individual purser modules.
Unless you want something specific found in this module, it doesn't need to be manually required as each module already makes use of it internally.


npm install @purser/core

(Usually you won't install this package just on its own. It's meant to be an accompanying peer-dependency to the other @purser modules)

Quick Usage

import { bigNumber } from '@purser/core/utils'

const value = bigNumber('0.00000001').toWei();

console.log(value); // { negative: 0, words: Array(4), length: 4, red: null }


You can find more in-depth description for this module's API in the purser docs.


This package is part of the purser monorepo package.
Please read our Contributing Guidelines for how to get started.


The @purser/core library along with the whole purser monorepo are MIT licensed.