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Quasar App Extension QCalendar
The QCalendar App Extension allows you to seamlessly add the QCalendar component into your Quasar application. It manages the boot file file and all other configuration for you.
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Everything you need for a complete Calendar solution.

QCalendar is a Quasar component. It is a powerful calendar that plugs right into your Quasar application and allows for viewing of day (1-7 days for a week), monthly, scheduler and agenda views. Painstaking care has been given to make almost every aspect of QCalendar configurable and/or modifiable in some way and control given to the developer.
QCalendar v4.0.0 Alpha
Welcome to the QCalendar v4.0.0 Alpha release

QCalendar is now converted to use Vue v3

With this update comes a lot of changes, with over 90% of QCalendar being rewritten. Please read below to understand these changes and how they will affect you for upgrading.
Until the final stable version is released, some aspects of the calendar may change. We're not planning for additional changes, but unforeseen reported issues may require us to do breaking changes (unlikely, but keep this in mind). So please make sure that you read each v4 alpha/beta version's release notes carefully before upgrading.
Go to Netlify which is hosting QCalendar v4.0.0 docs https://qcalendar.netlify.app/.
Month view with events
QCalendar example month view
Planner example
QCalendar planner example
Monthly Mini-mode
QCalendar mini-mode
Monthly Mini-mode selection
QCalendar mini-mode selection
Agenda view with custom content
QCalendar agenda view
Day view
QCalendar day view
Resource view
QCalendar resource view
Scheduler view
QCalendar scheduler view
Task view
QCalendar task view
Including support for locales, optional theming, 1st day Monday, 5-day work weeks, work week numbers, selected days, disabled days, day of year...
...and many more!
quasar ext add @quasar/qcalendar@next
Quasar CLI will retrieve it from NPM and install the extension.
quasar ext remove @quasar/qcalendar
QCalendar is an open source MIT project that has been made possible due to the generous contributions by sponsors and backers. If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider:
MIT (c) Jeff Galbraith