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BDD-style Roblox Lua testing framework


TestEZ can run within Roblox itself, as well as inside Lemur for testing on CI systems.
We use TestEZ at Roblox for testing our apps, in-game core scripts, built-in Roblox Studio plugins, as well as libraries like Roact and Rodux.
It provides an API that can run all of your tests with a single method call as well as a more granular API that exposes each step of the pipeline.

Inspiration and Prior Work

The describe and it syntax in TestEZ is based on the Behavior-Driven Development methodology, notably as implemented in RSpec (Ruby), busted (Lua), Mocha (JavaScript), and Ginkgo (Go).
The expect syntax is based on Chai, a JavaScript assertion library commonly used with Mocha. Similar expectation systems are also used in RSpec and Ginkgo, with slightly different syntax.


Contributions are welcome! See CONTRIBUTING.md for information.


TestEZ is available under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE for details.