A React hook for invoking a callback when hotkeys are pressed

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npm i @react-hook/hotkey

A React hook for invoking a callback when hotkeys are pressed. This hook also provides interop between event.key and event.which - you provide a string, and the library turns it into an event.which key code if it has to.
For better TypeScript support, this library doesn't have a special syntax à la the is-hotkey package. It uses plain JS objects and your build will fail if you've included a typo.

Quick Start

```jsx harmony import as React from 'react' import {useHotkey, useHotkeys} from '@react-hook/hotkey'
const OneHotkey = () => { const ref = React.useRef(null) const save = () => {} // creates a hotkey for Command|Control + S keys useHotkey(ref, 'mod', 's'
, save) return