**This package is deprecated and no longer required**

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This package is deprecated and no longer required
instead, you can declare a schema directly on any plugin:
import { CellPlugin } from '@react-page/editor';

type Data = {
  // something
const myPlugin: CellPlugin<Data> = {
  Renderer: ({ data }) =>
    <YourComponent data={data}/>
  id: 'plugin-id',
  title: 'Some plugin',
  description: 'This is some plugin',
  version: 1,
  controls: {
    type: 'autoform',
    schema: {
      properties: {
        // your json schema
      required: [],
With @react-page/create-plugin-materialui its easy to create new plugins with custom properties. It uses uniforms to create the form based on a JSONSchema you provide and will show it in a bottomToolbar similar to the other plugins.
Notice: It is in active development and its api might change, but we would love to get your feedback about it!
It will only load the form-libraries, if the Editor is in edit mode (See section in the readme about lazy load)! So don't worry about bundle size!


import { createContentBase } from '@react-page/create-plugin-materialui';
import React from 'react';

const yourCustomPlugin = createContentPlugin({
  Renderer: ({ state }) => (
      <p>I am a custom plugin</p>
      <p>this is my configuration:</p>
      <p>Firstname: {state.firstName}</p>
      <p>Lastname: {state.lastName}</p>
      <p>Age: {state.age}</p>
  name: 'custom-content-plugin',
  text: 'Custom content plugin',
  description: 'Some custom content plugin',
  version: '0.0.1',
  // see uniforms for more information on these schemas
  schema: {
    properties: {
      firstName: { type: 'string' },
      lastName: { type: 'string' },
      age: {
        description: 'Age in years',
        type: 'integer',
        minimum: 0,
    required: ['firstName', 'lastName'],

Custom form control fields

If you have a property that is more complicated like e.g. an ImageUploadField, you can pass your components to the schema, see this section on uniforms: https://uniforms.tools/docs/tutorials-creating-custom-field
Make sure that you lazy-load your custom components:
import { lazyLoad } from "@react-page/core"

const MyCustomImageUploadField = lazyLoad(() => import("./path/to/MyCustomImageUploadField));

const yourCustomPlugin = createContentPlugin({
    schema: {
      properties: {
        pictureUrl: {
            type: 'string',
            uniforms: {
                component: MyCustomImageUploadField

If you don't lazy load your form components, you might increase your bundle size.

create layout plugins

its also possible to create layout plugins:
import { createLayoutPlugin } from '@react-page/create-plugin-materialui';