Data version checker function compatible with @reactioncommerce/migrator

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An NPM package that provides migrations for use with the @reactioncommerce/migrator CLI tool should use this package to check whether data is at the correct version before running any database commands.


This package exports only one function: doesDatabaseVersionMatch.
import doesDatabaseVersionMatch from "@reactioncommerce/db-version-check";

const ok = await doesDatabaseVersionMatch({
  // `db` is a Db instance from the `mongodb` NPM package,
  // such as what is returned when you do `client.db()`
  // These must match one of the namespaces and versions
  // your package exports in the `migrations` named export
  expectedVersion: 2,
  namespace: "my-package-name"

if (!ok) {
  throw new Error('Database needs migrating. The "my-package-name" namespace must be at version 2.');

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