Unleash the inner coder with code blocks for your remirror editor.

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Unleash the inner coder with code blocks for your remirror editor.

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yarn add refractor @remirror/extension-code-block # yarn
pnpm add refractor @remirror/extension-code-block # pnpm
npm install refractor @remirror/extension-code-block # npm

This is included by default when you install the recommended remirror package. All exports are also available via the entry-point, remirror/extensions.
Refractor is a peer dependency and must be installed to consume the package properly.


The following code sample will create a limited editor and run the available commands from this extension.
import jsx from 'refractor/lang/jsx';
import typescript from 'refractor/lang/typescript';
import { ExtensionPriority, RemirrorManager } from 'remirror';
import { CodeBlockExtension, CorePreset } from 'remirror/extensions';

// Create the codeBlock extension
const codeBlockExtension = new CodeBlockExtension({ supportedLanguages: [typescript, jsx] });
const corePreset = new CorePreset();

// Create the Editor Manager with the codeBlock extension passed through.
const manager = RemirrorManager.create([codeBlockExtension, corePreset]);

// Pass the dom element to the editor. If you are using `@remirror/react` or
// other framework wrappers then this is handled for you.
const element = document.createElement('div');

// Add the view to the editor manager.

// Access the code block commands
manager.store.commands.createCodeBlock({ language: 'markdown' });

// Also supports chaining
manager.store.chain.updateCodeBlock({ language: 'js' }).formatCodeBlock().run();


If you would like to format code, you can import from the @remirror/extension-code-block/formatter endpoint.
The formatter requires prettier@2 to be installed as a peer dependency.