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This is a reusable logger module for RPLAN. It's based on bunyan.


The logger can be configured via the @rplan/config module which should be made available as a peer dependency to this logger module. The following config keys are recognized:

Required configuration

  • logging:root_logger_name (string) - The name of the root logger. This will be the common
namespace prefix for all log entries which are created with this logger.

Optional configuration

  • LOG_LEVEL (string), defaults to info - Defines the log level upto which log entries will be written. See the bunyan docs
for more information on available log levels.
  • logging:human_readable (boolean), defaults to false - A flag that indicates whether log entries should be formatted
for human readability. Otherwise log entries will be pure JSON.


Default export

createLogger(namespace) - Creates a new logger instance with the given namespace.


The logger is derived from the bunyan logger. See the docs for the logging API.
Additional methods:
  • withNamespace(namespace) - Creates a child logger where the given namespace is appended to the
namespace of the parent logger.


```javascript import createLogger from '@rplan/logger'
const logger = createLogger('my-feature') logger.info('My feature is started')
const subLogger = logger.withNamespace('my-sub-feature') logger.debug('The sub logger is working') ```