Angular wrapper for the Leaflet.loading control

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This is a wrapper for the leaflet.loading control to make it easy to use in Angular 8+.
This wrapper is tested against the @asymmetrik/ngx-leaflet library but it has no dependency on that library so should work without it. It does, obviously, have a dependency that leaflet is loaded.
For more detailed descriptions of how this wrapper was created : Documentation.
For detailed descriptions of how to use and worked examples : Article, Article
For an example of this working in a real site - see trackbash.
Install using npm:
npm install @runette/ngx-leaflet-loading

Note that from version 1.0.4, this library is built using a partial Ivy compilation and should work with any version of Angular.io after version 12.0.0
This library needs to be imported into the application module:
import {NgxLoadingControlModule} from '@runette/ngx-leaflet-loading'

imports: [

Then, the control is inserted using the following directive:

Where map is an instance of a leaflet map and options is an object with valid options for the control.
Usage with NGX-Leaflet
This library integrates very easily with ngx-leaflet using the onMapReady event:
<div id='map' class="map-container" leaflet
by adding the following to your map component:
import { Map } from 'leaflet';

export class OsmMapComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
  public map?: Map;
  public loadingOptions={
    position: 'topleft',
  onMapReady(map: Map) {
    this.map = map;
Usage - CSS
Unfortunately - I think because the leaflet map is run outside of Angular by ngx-leaflet - the normal css encapsulation does not work and you have to load the css globally.
Add the following to the styles.css
@import "leaflet-loading/src/Control.Loading.css";
Build Config
For some reason yet to be found - this library does not like being built with "buildOptimizer": true, in the build environment - which is usually the default for the production environment in angular.json.
Always build with "buildOptimizer": false,.
API Access to the Control
If you want access the control's methods directly from your typescript code - this can be done with @ViewChild
Use ViewChild to access the component, for instance
@ViewChild(NgxLoadingControlComponent,{static: false}) loadingComponent: NgxLoadingControlComponent;

The actual instance of the control can then be accessed directly as this.loadingComponent.loading
For more details and worked examples, see : Article
Contributions to this repository are very welcome.
Please fork the repository and create a new branch for your changes. The branch can be built locally using
ng build ngx-leaflet-loading

in the root folder of the repo. This creates an npm package in a folder called dist. This can loaded in a test app using npm install and the FQ path to the dist folder.
When your changes are complete create a Pull Requet against the master. It is IMPORTANT that you change the version number in package.json AND the tag number in .github/workflowds/build.yaml to the next version before the PR.
When I have accepted and merged the PR, Github actions will automatically build the new package release and loaded it both as a GH release using the version as the tag name and publish the new version on npm.