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How Code Looks Like?

Through FormGroup Class


Through FormArray Class


Through FormControl Class



How Code Looks Like?

```js import { Component, OnInit } from "@angular/core"; import { FormBuilder, Validators, FormGroup, FormControl, FormArray } from "@angular/forms"; import { User } from "./models/user"; import { Address } from "./models/address"; import { Skill } from "./models/skill"; import { IFormBuilder, IFormGroup, IFormArray } from "@rxweb/types"; @Component({ selector: "my-app", templateUrl: "./app.component.html", styleUrls: "./app.component.css" }) export class AppComponent { formGroup: IFormGroup; formBuilder: IFormBuilder; constructor(formBuilder: FormBuilder) {
this.formBuilder = formBuilder;
} ngOnInit() {
this.formGroup = this.formBuilder.group<User>({
firstName: ["", [Validators.required]],
address: this.formBuilder.group<Address>({
countryName: ["", Validators.required]
skills: this.formBuilder.array<Skill>([
name: ["", Validators.required]
} } ```

Through FormGroup Class

```js let formGroup: IFormGroup = new FormGroup(>{
firstName: new FormControl((<ControlState<string>>"")),
}) as IFormGroup; ```

Through FormArray Class

```js let formArray: IFormGroup = new FormArray(
new FormGroup(<ControlProp<Skill>>{
name: new FormControl((<ControlState<string>>"")),
}) as IFormGroup
) ```

Through FormControl Class

```js let formControl: FormControl = new FormControl(>""); ```

Refer Type Mismatch Errors


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