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This repository contains SEBs primary font SEB Sans Serif.


A demo is available here (please note that this package only contains the font and font weights, not the css for font sizes).

Getting started

Install with npm:
npm install @sebgroup/fonts --save

Add seb-fonts.scss or seb-fonts.css to your project.


This project is semantically released using Travis CI. To update the font and release a new version do the following:
  • Clone the repository
  • Run npm install
  • Update the fonts and/or scss
  • Run npm run commit and write a commit message
  • Push to development and if tests are successful merge to master
  • A new version will be pushed to npm and the demo will be updated as well

Legal notice and usage

Please note that SEB Sans Serif is licensed to SEB and that the font is not intended for use without the SEB brand which is a registered trademark. For questions regarding use please contact corporateidentity@seb.se.
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