Install and launch Geckodriver for Mac, Linux or Windows.

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GECKO# Geckodriver
This is a simple package that downloads Geckodriver and provides a node api for accessing the path to the binary. With this package we try to minimize dependencies.
How to use?
const driver = require('@sitespeed.io/geckodriver');

const binPath = driver.binPath();
// launch geckodriver from binPath

You can override where you download the Geckodriver by setting process.env.GECKODRIVERBASEURL. You can skip donwloading Geckodriver by setting process.env.GECKODRIVERSKIPDOWNLOAD.
You can download another Geckodriver version by setting process.env.GECKODRIVERVERSION.
GECKODRIVER_VERSION=0.26.0 node install.js

If you don't set a version, the version
in the package.json is used.