Attaches GA cookie data to Snowplow events

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Snowplow GA Cookies Tracking
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Browser Plugin to be used with @snowplow/browser-tracker.
Adds GA Cookies to your Snowplow tracking.

Maintainer quick start

Part of the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker monorepo.
Build with Node.js (14 or 16) and Rush.

Setup repository

npm install -g @microsoft/rush 
git clone https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow-javascript-tracker.git
rush update

Package Installation

With npm:
npm install @snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies


Initialize your tracker with the GaCookiesPlugin:
import { newTracker } from '@snowplow/browser-tracker';
import { GaCookiesPlugin } from '@snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies';

newTracker('sp1', '{{collector}}', { plugins: [ GaCookiesPlugin() ] }); // Also stores reference at module level

Copyright and license

Licensed and distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License (An OSI Approved Licenseosi).
Copyright (c) 2022 Snowplow Analytics Ltd, 2010 Anthon Pang.
All rights reserved.