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lodash v4.17.15
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The Lodash library exported as a UMD module.
Generated using lodash-cli:
$ npm run build
$ lodash -o ./dist/lodash.js
$ lodash core -o ./dist/lodash.core.js


Core build (~4 kB gzipped) Full build (~24 kB gzipped) CDN copies
Lodash is released under the MIT license & supports modern environments.
Review the build differences & pick one that’s right for you.


In a browser:
<script src="lodash.js"></script>

Using npm:
$ npm i -g npm
$ npm i --save lodash

In Node.js:
// Load the full build.
var _ = require('lodash');
// Load the core build.
var _ = require('lodash/core');
// Load the FP build for immutable auto-curried iteratee-first data-last methods.
var fp = require('lodash/fp');

// Load method categories.
var array = require('lodash/array');
var object = require('lodash/fp/object');

// Cherry-pick methods for smaller browserify/rollup/webpack bundles.
var at = require('lodash/at');
var curryN = require('lodash/fp/curryN');

Install n for Lodash use in the Node.js < 6 REPL.

Why Lodash?

Lodash makes JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with arrays,
numbers, objects, strings, etc. Lodash’s modular methods are great for:
Iterating arrays, objects, & strings Manipulating & testing values Creating composite functions

Module Formats

Lodash is available in a variety of builds
& module formats.
lodash & per method packages lodash-es, babel-plugin-lodash, & lodash-webpack-plugin lodash/fp lodash-amd