Snyk Node.js runtime agent

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Snyk Node.js runtime agent
Known Vulnerabilities
Use this package as a library in your application to monitor your dependencies and to learn how the vulnerable functions of the dependencies are invoked in your deployments.
Quick start
require('@snyk/nodejs-runtime-agent')({ projectId: <Your-Project-ID> });
Supported Node.js versions
The Node.js Runtime Agent is tested on Node 8 and Node 10. Other versions are unsupported.
How to

The config object supports the following options:
| Key | Type | Default value | Purpose | |--------------------|-----------|------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | projectId | String | | The Snyk project ID that matches your application. | | enable | Boolean | true | Set to false to disable the agent. |
Advanced config options:
| Key | Type | Default value | Purpose | |----------------------|-----------|-------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | beaconIntervalMs | Number | 60000 | Report frequency in milliseconds. | | snapshotIntervalMs | Number | 3600000 | Snapshot retrieval frequency in milliseconds. | | flushOnExit | Boolean | true | Set to false to prevent the agent from flushing its data before exiting. true is useful especially for short-lived environments. |
There is a self-contained demo named node-woof, which you can clone and run. It will guide you through the setup of the project on your machine.
npm start brings up an http server that invokes a vulnerable function on startup and for every request.