A tool to create an LSIF dump for TypeScript projects.

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TypeScript LSIF indexer Beta
Visit https://lsif.dev/ to learn about LSIF.


npm install -g @sourcegraph/lsif-tsc
# OR
yarn global add @sourcegraph/lsif-tsc

Indexing your repository

After installing lsif-tsc onto your PATH, you can invoke it with all of the arguments that are available to tsc.
Index a TypeScript project by running the following command in the directory with your tsconfig.json.
$ lsif-tsc -p .
46 file(s), 2787 symbol(s)
Processed in 3.236s

Index a Javascript project by running the following command.
$ lsif-tsc **/*.js --AllowJs --checkJs
295 file(s), 65535 symbol(s)
Processed in 51.732s

The previous command relies on shell expansion to pass a list of filenames to the underlying TypeScript compiler. There is a limit on the number of files that can be passed as a command line argument, so it may be necessary to first dump the project filenames into a temporary file, and load that, as follows:
ls -1 **/*.js > inputs.txt
lsif-tsc @inputs.txt --AllowJs --checkJs

Use lsif-tsc --help for more information.
Legal Notices
This project began as a bugfix fork of microsoft/lsif-node and therefore was originally authored by Microsoft. This code was originally and continues to be released under the MIT License.