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This is a port of the Squarespace Java template-compiler project to TypeScript.
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The following live branches exist:
  • 1.x - for ongoing releases using moment and moment-timezone as direct dependencies
  • master - 2.x and future releases using @phensley/cldr for international formatting


The need for compilation of Squarespace templates in the browser has grown over time. The existing projects that enable browser compilation of Squarespace templates are incomplete, incompatible and have maintenance issues.
This project is a new implementation of the Squarespace template syntax with the following goals:
Provide a sound foundation for current and future development. Meet frontend application performance criteria. Support all current server-side functionality, including all plugins. Full compatibility with server compiler. Separate the parsing and execution phases to support repeated executions of a template efficiently. Organized and modular codebase. Follow same basic design as Java compiler. High test coverage.


Apache 2.0)