A simple yet configurable native javascript counter which you can count on.

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A simple yet configurable native javascript counter you can count on.
1.4kb GZIPPED Lightweight Javascript Counter

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``` npm i --save @srexi/purecounterjs ``` In your app.js import and initialized the module like normal. ```js import PureCounter from "@srexi/purecounterjs"; const pure = new PureCounter(); ```


If you wish to skip the modular build and NOT use npm you can use the vanilla build like so:


<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@srexi/purecounterjs/dist/purecounter_vanilla.js"></script>
new PureCounter();

Self hosted

Download the dist/purecountervanilla.js() file(for the minified version) or the js/purecounter.js() file (for the prettified) version and include it right before your closing body tag: ```html
<script src="dist/purecounter_vanilla.js"></script>
new PureCounter();
``` Or you can take the contents of the file and paste it into your bundle.js file.

How to use it:

  1. Initialize PureCounter:

```js new PureCounter(); // Or you can customize it for override the default config. // Here is the default configuration for all element with class 'filesizecount' new PureCounter({
// Setting that can't' be overriden on pre-element
selector: ".purecounter", // HTML query selector for spesific element
// Settings that can be overridden on per-element basis, by `data-purecounter-*` attributes:
start: 0, // Starting number [uint]
end: 100, // End number [uint]
duration: 2, // The time in seconds for the animation to complete [seconds]
delay: 10, // The delay between each iteration (the default of 10 will produce 100 fps) [miliseconds]
once: true, // Counting at once or recount when the element in view [boolean]
pulse: false, // Repeat count for certain time [boolean:false|seconds]
decimals: 0, // How many decimal places to show. [uint]
legacy: true, // If this is true it will use the scroll event listener on browsers
filesizing: false, // This will enable/disable File Size format [boolean]
currency: false, // This will enable/disable Currency format. Use it for set the symbol too [boolean|char|string]
formater: "us-US", // Number toLocaleString locale/formater, by default is "en-US" [string|boolean:false]
separator: false, // This will enable/disable comma separator for thousands. Use it for set the symbol too [boolean|char|string]
}); ```

  1. Set the element:

To use it simply add the class: 'purecounter' to an element. ```html

I can count: 0

``` Lazy Loading Is Applied Out Of The Box You can configure it per element by adding a data-purecounter-* attribute, here's an example: ```html

It's over (wait for it):

  • The end of this count will be showing $9.0 K.
  • Most settings can be overriden on the pre-element basis. The element configuration will only be used on that element.

Default Values:

If you do not override the methods default to these values: ``` start: 0 uint end: 100 uint duration: 2 seconds|uint delay: 10 milliseconds|uint once: true boolean pulse: false boolean:false|seconds|uint decimals: 0 uint legacy: true boolean filesizing: false boolean currency: false boolean|char|string separator: false boolean|char|string selector: '.purecounter' query selector ``` Browser Tests By Browserstack

Browser Support

  • Chrome/Edge/Opera: Yes
  • Firefox: Yes
  • IE: 9+
  • Safari: 7+
  • MISSING A BROWSER? Make A Pull Request