Useful functions when working with Markdown.

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Useful functions when working with Markdown. Leverages the Unified / Remark ecosystem under the hood.


Supported in modern browsers and node.
# latest stable
yarn add @stoplight/markdown


Example parse

import { parse } from '@stoplight/markdown';

const result = parse('**markdown**');

console.log(result); // => the MDAST compliant tree


  1. Clone repo.
  2. Create / checkout feature/{name}, chore/{name}, or fix/{name} branch.
  3. Install deps: yarn.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Run tests: yarn test.prod.
  6. Stage relevant files to git.
  7. Commit: yarn commit. NOTE: Commits that don't follow the
[conventional](https://github.com/marionebl/commitlint/tree/master/%40commitlint/config-conventional) format will be
rejected. `yarn commit` creates this format for you, or you can put it together manually and then do a regular
`git commit`._
  1. Push: git push.
  2. Open PR targeting the develop branch.