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Sucrase Jest plugin
npm version MIT License
This is a simple Jest plugin that makes it easy to use Sucrase when running Jest tests.


First install the package and sucrase as a dev dependency:
yarn add --dev @sucrase/jest-plugin sucrase

Then change the default transform in jest.config.js file:
transform: { "\\.(js|jsx|ts|tsx)$": "@sucrase/jest-plugin" },

You can specify additional transformation options to Sucrase by passing an object. For example, to enable automatic react transforms:
transform: { "\\.(js|jsx|ts|tsx)$": ["@sucrase/jest-plugin", { jsxRuntime: 'automatic' }] },

By default, the transforms option is automatically detected based on file type and Jest mode. If you pass a transforms array in the options, it will apply to all files, regardless of extension.