String utilities for Node.js and JavaScript

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String utilities for Node.js.

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The @supercharge/strings package provides chainable string utilities for Node.js and JavaScript. It鈥檚 a wrapper around JavaScript鈥檚 global String class providing a handful of useful methods, like .title(), .strip(), .camel(), and so on.


``` npm i @supercharge/strings ```


Find all the details for @supercharge/strings in the extensive Supercharge docs.


Using @supercharge/strings is pretty straightforward. Pass a string to the imported Function and chain your desired methods to transform to string value to your needs. For example, you may want to trim a string and then title-case it: ```js const Str = require('@supercharge/strings') const title = Str(' Supercharge is sweet!').trim().title().get() // title: "Supercharge Is Sweet!" ``` For every method in the chain that would return a string, the package returns an instance of iteself. This way, you can chain further methods. Call .get() to retrieve the actual JavaScript string.


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