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Connection modules for Superset:
  • SupersetClient requests and authentication
  • (future) i18n locales and translation


The SupersetClient handles all client-side requests to the Superset backend. It can be configured for use within the Superset application, or used to issue CORS requests in other applications. At a high-level it supports:
  • CSRF token authentication
- a token may be passed at configuration time, else the client will handle fetching and passing
the token in all subsequent requests.
- queues requests in the case that another request is made before the token is received. - it checks for a token before every request, and will fail if no token was received or if it has
expired. In either case the user should be directed to re-authenticate.
  • supports GET and POST requests (no PUT or DELETE)
  • timeouts
  • query aborts through the AbortController API
  • conditional GET requests using If-None-Match and ETag headers

Example usage

// appSetup.js
import { SupersetClient } from `@superset-ui/connection`;
// or import SupersetClient from `@superset-ui/connection/lib|esm/SupersetClient`;

SupersetClient.init(); // CSRF auth, can also chain `.configure().init();

// anotherFile.js
import { SupersetClient } from `@superset-ui/connection`;

  .then(({ request, json }) => ...)
  .catch((error) => ...);


Client Configuration
The following flags can be passed in the client config call SupersetClient.configure(...clientConfig);
  • protocol = 'http:'
  • host
  • headers
  • credentials = 'same-origin' (set to include for non-Superset apps)
  • mode = 'same-origin' (set to cors for non-Superset apps)
  • timeout
  • csrfToken you can configure the client with a CSRF token at configuration time, else the client
will attempt to fetch this before any other requests are issued
Per-request Configuration
The following flags can be passed on a per-request call SupersetClient.get/post(...requestConfig);
  • url or endpoint
  • headers
  • body
  • timeout
  • signal (for aborting, from const { signal } = (new AbortController()))
  • for POST requests
- postPayload (key values are added to a new FormData()) - stringify whether to call JSON.stringify on postPayload values
Request aborting
Per-request aborting is implemented through the AbortController API:
import { SupersetClient } from '@superset-ui/connection';
import AbortController from 'abortcontroller-polyfill';

const controller = new AbortController();
const { signal } = controller;

SupersetClient.get({ ..., signal }).then(...).catch(...);

if (IWantToCancelForSomeReason) {
  signal.abort(); // Promise is rejected, request `catch` is invoked


@data-ui/build-config is used to manage the build configuration for this package including babel builds, jest testing, eslint, and prettier.