A package of Essential JS 2 Inplace editor components, which is used to edit and update the value dynamically in server.

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This is a commercial product and requires a paid license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s licensed software, including this component, is subject to the terms and conditions of Syncfusion's EULA. To acquire a license, you can purchase one at https://www.syncfusion.com/sales/products or start a free 30-day trial here.

A free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue and five or fewer developers.


To install In-place Editor and its dependent packages, use the following command.
npm install @syncfusion/ej2-inplace-editor


Supported Frameworks

In-place Editor component is also offered in following list of frameworks.
  1. Angular
  2. React
  3. VueJS
  4. ASP.NET Core
  6. JavaScript (ES5)

Key Features

  • Render mode - Provides two types of rendering modes when editing the input, namely “Inline” and “Popup”.
  • Component integration - Support to integrate components such as “DropDownList”, “DatePicker”,” AutoComplete”, etc. to the In-place Editor.
  • Data binding - Bind the In-place Editor component with an array of JSON objects or DataManager to save the edited data to the server.
  • Customization - Offers UI customization such as popup, buttons, and also denotes editable content state.
  • Template - Templates can be used to integrate custom controls to the In-place Editor.
  • Globalization - Provides right to left and localization support.


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