Command line interface for running Testing on your CI

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Web Test Automation Solution. Built for agile teams. Testim is a cloud service that instantly enables Test Automation to make your Continuous Delivery ready.

For more information please check out https://testim.io and https://help.testim.io/docs
For any questions please talk to our support from the chat window at https://app.testim.io
For the live and up to date documentation of this tool please check out this guide on integrating Testim into your CI/CD.


Install the testim CLI globally:
$ npm i -g @testim/testim-cli

CLI Options

Use the token you got from testim.io (if you don't have one email info@testim.io)
testim --token my.token

Select which project to run tests from
testim -project "My Project"
--label or -l
Run all tests comprising one of the mentioned labels
testim -l my-label1 -l my-label2
Run by test name:
testim -n test-name1 -n test-name2
Grid host url
Grid host port
--port or -p
Run on a specific Selenium Grid
testim -host -p 4444
Console Reporter
testim --reporters console
JUnit Reporter
testim --reporters junit --report-file ~/report.xml
TeamCity Reporter
testim --reporters teamcity
Base URL
Starting URL after browser opens
testim --base-url www.testim.io
Applitools Key
testim --applitools-key sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds
Sauce Labs Key
testim --sauce-key sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds
Sauce Labs User
testim --sauce-user sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds
BrowserStack Key
testim --browserstack-key sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds
BrowserStack User
testim --browserstack-user sadfsdflkjdsf-sdf-fds
BrowserStack Options
testim --browserstack-options browser-stack.json
BrowserStack Options Config File Example
   "browserName" : "chrome",
   "browser_version" : "53.0",
   "os" : "Windows",
   "os_version" : "7"


Open a tunnel between your local server and the selenium server.
Test base url will be replaced by the tunnel url.
--tunnel-port <SERVER_PORT> - optional

testim --tunnel --tunnel-port 8080

Version Control (Branches)

To run on a specific branch, use this parameter in your CLI
--branch <branch-name>

If you are using one of the following: Jenkins, CircleCI or TravisCI, The Testim CLI will automatically run tests for the same branch if the following parameter is used.
--branch auto-detect

Environment Variables

The following are Environment Variables that the runner listens to:
  • "SERVICES_HOST": "http://localhost:8080"
  • "DEBUG_MODE": "1"
  • "LOGGER_DEBUG": "1"
  • "OVERRIDE_TIMEOUTS": "1000000"


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