Keywords to test postgres db with testx.io

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A library that extends testx with keywords for testing Postgres databases.

How does it work

From the directory of the art code install the package as follows:
npm install @testx/keywords-postgres --save

After installing the package you add these keywords to testx by adding the following line to your protractor config file:

Example testx script:

- execute sql:
    sql: SELECT 1;
    expected result:
      - ?column?: 1
    save result to: saved
- execute sql:
    sql: SELECT 1;
    expected result: '{{saved}}'
- execute sql:
    sql: |-
      CREATE TABLE test (first varchar(20), second integer);
      INSERT INTO test(first, second) VALUES ('test1', 12), ('test2', 34);
      SELECT * FROM test;
    expected result:
      - first: test1
        second: 12
      - first: test2
        second: 34


| Keyword | Argument name | Argument value | Description | | ---------------------- | ------------- | --------------- |------------ | | execute sql | | | Connect to the database, execute the SQL query/statement and optionally check the expected result and/or save it in the test context. | | | connection string | Connection string in the format of postgres://user:password@host:port/database.| Optional. If not set, the postgresConnectionString command line (or config file) parameter will be used.| | | sql | SQL query/statement to execute. | Required. | | | expected result | Expected result of the query. | Optional. It will be compared to the result of the query. The keyword will fail if they are different. The expected result should be a list of rows. Every row is an object (see the example). | | | save result to | varname | Optional. The name of a context variable, that will be used to save the result of the query. |