GraphQL directive for checking authentication through context

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GraphQL Directive: @requiresAuthentication
The point of this directive is not to validate JWT tokens, since this is frequently a project-specific implementation. Instead it is expected that resolving token status is done in the Apollo getContext hook, where the validated token is used to extend the context object (user information).
This directive will only assert the "isAuthenticated" status coming from the context object.


To use the directive, you should start by adding the directive to your GraphQL schema:
@directive requiresAuthentication on FIELD_DEFINITION

After this, you can create the directive by passing an isAuthenticated resolver (and optionally a custom error) and the directive will do the rest:
const requiresAuthentication = requiresAuthenticationDirective<Context>({
  isAuthenticated: (context) => !!context.auth?.token,
  throwError: new MyCustomError('WITH_CUSTOM_ERROR_CODE'),

new ApolloServer({
  schemaDirectives: {