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Article List
This represents a paginated list of articles. These articles typically appear on a page, associated to a particular author or topic. An article list is composed of many other packages such as card, article summary and link. These components are primarily used for the layout of the individual article items themselves.

Infinite Scrolling

Article list utilises the pagination package for this.

Error Handling

The error view package utilises the React componentDidCatch lifecycle event to create an ErrorBoundary which handles errors within the article list. This ensures any failing articles do not show in the list, but the list will still show with the page count unchanged.

Lazy Loading

The lazy-load package is used to lazy load images to improve the feeling of a fast page load. Low resolution images are first rendered and then high resolution images are progressively layered on. On browsers that support IntersectionObserver the higher resolution images will only be pulled in as they come into the viewport saving bandwidth and mobile resources.


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md before contributing to this package

Running the code

Please see our main README.md to get the project running locally


The code can be formatted and linted in accordance with the agreed standards.
yarn fmt
yarn lint


This package uses yarn (latest) to run unit tests with jest.
yarn test:web

Visit the official storybook to see our available article list templates.