Unless middleware for tinyhttp

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Unless middleware for tinyhttp that executes a middleware conditionally.


pnpm i @tinyhttp/unless


unless(middleware, (UnlessMiddlewareOptions | CustomUnless))

The UnlessMiddlewareOptions object can include:
  • method - string or array of strings that describe forbidden http methods such as GET, POST, PUT etc...
  • path - array of strings, Regex and objects that include url and methods properties, which will be compared against the request.
  • ext - string or array of strings that describe forbidden path ends (e.g. in /user/123 it will check against /123).

The CustomUnless is a function that receives a Request object and returns a boolean. The result of the function will determine if the execution of the middleware is skipped.


import { App } from '@tinyhttp/app'
import { unless } from '@tinyhttp/unless'
import { cors } from '@tinyhttp/cors'

const app = new App()

  .use(unless(cors(),  { method: ['GET', 'POST'] }))
  .use(unless(cors(), { ext: '/public' }))
  .use(unless(cors(), (req) => req.method === 'GET')
  .use(unless(cors(), { path: ['/content/public', /user/, { url: '/public', methods: ['GET'] }] })