``` npm install @tipser/tipser-sdk ```

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Adding to project #
npm install @tipser/tipser-sdk
Usage #

Importing ##

ES6 imports syntax:
import { TipserSDK } from '@tipser/tipser-sdk'; or import { TipserSDK } from '@tipser/tipser-sdk/bare';
CommonJS syntax:
const { TipserSDK } = require('@tipser/tipser-sdk'); or const { TipserSDK } = require('@tipser/tipser-sdk/bare);


Check our MIT file to check what polyfills are required sdk to work. If you prefer to handle polyfills in your project by yourself, and your target is IE11 please make sure that you include polyfills listed above, and import @tipser/tipser-sdk/bare bundle. Otherwise, you are most welcome to import @tipser/tipser-sdk bundle which already includes polyfills necessary to be run in IE11.

Basic usage ##

import {TipserSDK} from '@tipser/tipser-sdk';

const tipserSdk = TipserSDK(posId, {
    modalUi: {
        hideSimilarProducts: true


Usage in Typescript project ##

tipser-sdk package includes Typescript type definitions, so when used in Typescript project, type checking will work out of the box as well as autocompletion features of IDEs. In case the configuration is stored in a variable, the TipserSdkConfig type may be used as a type of that variable.
import { TipserSDK, TipserSdkConfig } from '@tipser/tipser-sdk';

const tipserSdkConfig: TipserSdkConfig = {
    modalUi: {
        hideSimilarProducts: true

const tipserSdk = TipserSDK(posId, tipserSdkConfig);


Runtime Logs in Dev Tools

Logger register himself on a top window global object. It communicates with all other logger instances inside of iframes.
To turn on logger, and it's all instances in other iframes, go to Dev Tools console, ensure that top window context is selected and run following command:

To turn off:

Documentation ##


Architecture ###

Publishing new versions #
  1. Run npm run create-release-pr -- $(cat ~/.git-private-token) (.git-private-token containes GH personal token. How to create it?)
  2. Merge the PR on GH
  3. Switch to production locally and run yarn release
  4. Merge production back to develop (to sync version number in package.json)

In a less common scenario when you need to update minor or major version instead of patch version, replace yarn release command with one of the following commands:
  • npm version minor && git push --follow-tags
  • npm version major && git push --follow-tags