An UI widget to construct valid RSS feed URL's.

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An UI widget to construct valid RSS feed URL's.


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This widget is a Preact that uses preact-habitat to render inside an existing HTML page. Begin by building a bundle:
$ pwd  # ~/tracking-exposed
$ yarn install
$ yarn bootstrap
$ yarn compile:widgets

To deploy to a server, use the provided index.html or replicate the integration in an existing HTML page by following the structure of the file. The HTML page has to fetch the following external dependencies:
  • The tachyons CSS library.
  • The preact JS library.

See index.html for example snippets.
The following files must be copied:
  • index.html
  • bundle/*

and supply the all-entities.json file that gets generated by processor-entities in the same directory as the index.html.
Alternatively copy the require JSON file and run a simple HTTP server with packages/widget-rss-feeds as root:
npx serve   # This will open a local HTTP server on port 5000


Want to contribute to tracking-exposed/widget-rss-feeds?

Check out our CONTRIBUTING.md to get started.