common classes for TypeScript

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common classes for TypeScript

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Use TypeScript for best in class instellisense.
tsclass exposes many commonly used objects as interface to implement (-> extends keyword) by individual implementations. They come complete with best in class intellisense and are easy to require.
import { IInvoice } from 'tsclass';

class myOwnInvoice implements IInvoice {
  constructor() {
    super(); // you need to call super() in the constructor


  • Date
  • Time


  • Article
  • Author


  • Invoice

The modules in bold letters exist as own modules and can be used seperately


We are always happy for code contributions. If you are not the code contributing type that is ok. Still, maintaining Open Source repositories takes considerable time and thought. If you like the quality of what we do and our modules are useful to you we would appreciate a little monthly contribution: You can contribute one time or contribute monthly. :)
For further information read the linked docs at the top of this readme.
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