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Twilio Voice Errors
All Twilio Voice errors are defined in twilio-voice-errors.json. Other errors already defined by Twilio are defined in twilio-authorization-errors.json and twilio-rest-errors.json.
  • Errors defined in Twilio Client are excluded from this branch. To ensure that new error codes do not overlap with previously defined errors, check Twilio CLIENT error codes and Twilio Error Codes.
  • Programmable Voice uses the same error code range as Twilio Client.
  • Authorization errors are defined using the 201xx REST authorization errors instead of the range defined in Twilio Client as 312xx.
  • Twilio Error code 21218 is preferred over Twilio Client code 31001 for TwiML application not found.


Ensure you have Node installed. Then, run the following:
git clone https://code.hq.twilio.com/client/twilio-voice-errors
cd twilio-voice-errors
npm install


Previewing the Error Codes

This project can generate table and dictionary views of the Voice errors. Just run the following command in the root of the project:
npm run generate

This will produce dictionary.md and table.md, respectively.

Previewing on GitHub

If you'd like to preview dictionary.md and table.md on GitHub, you can automatically generate and push these artifacts to a dedicated preview branch. where you can see rendered versions of dictionary.md and tree.md rendered. Just run the following command in the root of the project:
npm run preview

Publishing a New Version of this Specification to NPM

This project defines all Twilio Voice errors, so if you would like to add a new error code, you must propose it and add it to this document, per CONTRIBUTING.md. Once added, you should cut a new minor version of this document by updating the version number in package.json, eg 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0.
Make sure this version update has been committed and pushed to the primary branch. Then, in order to publish to NPM, run:
npm publish

Generic Twilio Errors

If you are using generic Twilio Errors that are not in twilio-voice-errors.json, add them to twilio-rest-errors.json or twilio-authorization-errors.json so that code can be generated for them as well.

Code Generation

TODO: Implement code generation