Node.js client library for the Umbraco Headless APIs

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NodeJS Client Library for Umbraco Heartcore
Umbraco Heartcore is the headless CMS version of Umbraco as a Service.
This repository contains the Node.JS client library for the Umbraco Heartcore REST APIs.



> npm install @umbraco/headless-client


Create a client, then call commands on it
// client.ts
import {Client} from '@umbraco/headless-client'

const client = new Client({
  projectAlias: 'your-project-alias',
  apiKey: 'your-api-key',
  language: 'iso-code', // can be overwritten per method
  preview: true // true/false if the preview API should be used

export default client

// rootLinks.ts
async function rootLinks(client: Client) {
  const rootContent = await client.delivery.content.root()

  const childPages = rootContent.map(child => ({
    url: child._url,
    name: child.name

  return childPages

function linkGenerator(links: {url: string, name: string}[]) {
  return links.map(link => {
    return `<a href="${link.url}">${link.name}</a>`

async function main() {
  const rootLinks = await rootLinks(require('./client').default)
  const links = linkGenerator(rootLinks)


General documentation for Umbraco Heartcore can be found on our.umbraco.com.
API documentation for the Client library can be generated by running the following
> npm install # install dependencies
> npm run build # build the source
> npm run docs # generate the documentation

This will generate markdown files in docs/api that can be openend in any markdown viewer.
A simple way to view them is to use markserv by running
> npx markserv docs/api