Package to add multiplatform features to applications that deal with content-addressable objects

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This package contains services, modules and GraphQl directives that help resolve generic content-addressable linking between entities. It also helps traverse entity links accross platforms.


Visit our documentation site.


npm install @uprtcl/multiplatform


Import the DiscoveryModule and load it in the micro-orchestrator.
import { DiscoveryModule } from '@uprtcl/multiplatform';

await orchestrator.loadModule(new DiscoveryModule());

Now you can add multiple CASModules to register new Content-Addressable Sources and Stores into your application. This will make all content-addressable object retrievable through that source integrated into the application, and they can automatically be referenced by any other entity to fetch and resolve them.
import { MicroModule } from '@uprtcl/micro-orchestrator';
import { CASModule } from '@uprtcl/multiplatform';
import { IpfsConnection, IpfsSource } from '@uprtcl/ipfs-provider';

const ipfsConnection = new IpfsConnection(ipfsConfig);
const ipfsSource = new IpfsSource(ipfsConnection);

export class TestModule extends MicroModule {
  static id = Symbol('test-module');

  get submodules() {
    return [new CASModule([ipfsSource])];

Add that module to the micro-orchestrator:
import { TestModule } from './test-module';

await orchestrator.loadModule(new TestModule());