webpack companion plugin for i18n-js to include only used translations

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A webpack companion plugin for i18n-js. Output only the translations your code is actually using to your bundle.

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This module is distributed via npmnpm which is bundled with nodenode and should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:
npm install --save @venuu/i18n-js-webpack-plugin

This library has a peerDependencies listing for webpack 4.


// webpack.config.js

const { I18nRuntimePlugin } = require("@venuu/i18n-js-webpack-plugin");

module.exports = {
  // ...rest of your config
  plugins: [
    // ...any other plugins you might have
    new I18nRuntimePlugin({
      fullTranslations: {
        // Put your entire translations here like below
        en: { hello: { world: "Hello, world!" } },
        fi: { hello: { world: "Hei, maailma!" } },
        sv: { hello: { world: "Och samma på svenska" } }
      // Global calls for I18n translations that will be picked up
      functionNames: ["I18n.t", "I18n.translate"],
      // "Free variable" in your code that will be replaced with object containing all
      // used translations.
      translationPlaceholderConstantName: "I18N_RUNTIME_TRANSLATIONS"

// your-application-entry-point.js

// This assumes you have `I18n` from 'i18n-js' in current scope or available as a global
I18n.translations = I18N_RUNTIME_TRANSLATIONS;

Now, any of your imported modules can call I18n.t or I18n.translate and I18N_RUNTIME_TRANSLATIONS will be replaced with the used translations.
I18n.t("hello.world", { locale: "sv" });

console.log(I18n.t("hello", { locale: "sv" })); // outputs object: { world: 'Hello, world!' }