Utility to archive files matching glob paths.

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A utility for creating .tar.gz archives that contain files that match a set of glob paths.

What this does

Loads files from a list of glob paths and compresses them into an archive (.tar.gz or .zip).

Installing and Running

You can add this directly to a javascript project
yarn add @vht/tar-globs

yarn run tar-globs -i globs.json -o archived.tar.gz

or use it in a non-javascript project by using npm or yarn to install it as a global command
yarn global add @vht/tar-globs

cd /your/project
tar-globs -i globs.json -o archived.tar.gz

Help / Docs

Run tar-globs --help for usage.

Example config file

A config file needs to be passed to the --input <file> parameter. This file should be JSON that includes the following fields:
  • globs: string[] - An array of strings, each representing a glob of files to include into the archive. Refer to micromatch for supported glob patterns.

  • rename: Record<string, string> - (Optional) A hash of files to rename. If a file matches the 'key' in the hash, then it will be renaming in the archive to the 'value'.

Example config:
  "globs": [
  "rename": {
    "src/something.js": "src/somethingElse.js"