Objects and functions shared throughtout @videojs/http-streaming code

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- Installation - Usage
vhs-utils serves two purposes:
  1. It extracts objects and functions shared throughout @videojs/http-streaming code to save on package size. See the original @videojs/http-streaming PR for details.
  2. It exports generic functions from VHS that may be useful to plugin authors.


npm install --save @videojs/vhs-utils


All utility functions are published under dist and can be required/imported like so:
es import using es dist
import resolveUrl from '@videojs/vhs-utils/es/resolve-url';

cjs import using cjs dist
const resolveUrl = require('@videojs/vhs-utils/cjs/resolve-url');

depricated cjs dist
const resolveUrl = require('@videojs/vhs-utils/dist/resolve-url');