The simplest json logger. Include typescript definitions.

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A fast, simple and opinionated json logger to stdout.
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This library is designed to be an easy and fast way to log json messages to stdout.
If you want a more advanced solution, we recommend to you use winston.


$ npm install @vizir/simple-json-logger


NodeJS Sample with Javascript

const { Logger } = require("@vizir/simple-json-logger");

const logger = new Logger({
  app: "ConsoleApplication",
  requestId: "3a7d3223-e96f-47da-b3bb-73f609b9f55d",
logger.debug("debug message", { extraInfo: 123 });
logger.info("info message", { extraInfo: "abc" });
logger.warn("warn message", { moreInfo: "abc123" });
logger.error("error message", { otherInfo: "qwerty" });

Security Filtering

By default, the logger will filter some sensitive values from logs output. They will verify if an object key, contain some of the following words: (The validation is case insensitive)
  • Authorization
  • Password
  • Secret
  • Token
  • Key

You can add or remove the default blacklist, using the includeBlackList or excludeBlackList attribute into options, as following:
const logger = new Logger(
    app: "ConsoleApplication",
    requestId: "3a7d3223-e96f-47da-b3bb-73f609b9f55d",
    includeBlackList: ["myPasswordField"],
    excludeBlackList: ["accessToken"],
logger.error("error message", { myPasswordField: "qwerty" });

The output of the following command are:
  "app": "ConsoleApplication",
  "requestId": "3a7d3223-e96f-47da-b3bb-73f609b9f55d",
  "level": "error",
  "datetime": "2020-05-20T00:20:10.432Z",
  "message": "origin: error message",
  "myPasswordField": "*sensitive*"


Tested in Node.js 10-12.


The MIT License (MIT)