Utility package providing information about automation protocols

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WebdriverIO Protocol Helper
This package stores the definition for various automation protocols such as WebDriver or vendor specific protocol extensions like for SauceLabs. Unless you are interested in generating a WebDriver client there should be no reason why you should need this package. This package holds the definition of the following protocols:


To install the package, run:
npm install @wdio/protocols


You can get data by importing the package as follows:
import { WebDriverProtocol, MJsonWProtocol, JsonWProtocol, AppiumProtocol, ChromiumProtocol, SauceLabsProtocol, SeleniumProtocol } from '@wdio/protocols'

 * get description of session command

TypeScript Interfaces

The package exposes TypeScript interfaces for all protocols. You can use them for your own project as follows:
import type { WebDriverCommands } from '@wdio/protocol'

import { WebDriverCommands, WebDriverCommandsAsync } from './src'

const browser = {} as WebDriverCommands
// fails with "Argument of type 'boolean' is not assignable to parameter of type 'string'.ts(2345)"

const asyncBrowser = {} as WebDriverCommandsAsync
const a = await asyncBrowser.getTitle()
type foo = typeof a // string

For more information on WebdriverIO see the homepage.