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The Webex Test Users library allows developers to create test users for integration testing.

- Install - Usage - Implementation
- [Whistler](#whistler)
- Maintainers - Contribute - License


npm install --save @webex/test-users


Note: This package is NODE only, not for browser usage
With the test users library, you can create and remove Webex test users:
import {createTestUser, removeTestUser} from '@webex/test-users';

createTestUser({displayName: 'Test User'}).then((myTestUser) => {
  // Do something amazing with myTestUser

  // When done, remove the test user

The test users library falls back to a few environment variables if they aren't passed as config options:
  • WEBEX_CLIENT_ID - The Webex client ID that has access to create test users
  • WEBEX_CLIENT_SECRET - The Webex client secret for the given client id
  • WEBEX_TEST_USERS_CI_GATEWAY_SERVICE_URL - The Webex url for conversation service to create test users
  • WEBEX_SCOPE - The Webex scope the test users should be created with
  • IDBROKER_BASE_URL - The Webex auth endpoint to get a client based access token


Test User creation follows a different flow than standard users due to the fact that they are created on the fly.
The creation steps are as follows:
  • A client access token is generated from the client id and secret.
- Uses the "idbroker" url defined in IDBROKER_BASE_URL or passed via options
  • A test user is generated with the client access token
- Uses the url defined in WEBEX_TEST_USERS_CI_GATEWAY_SERVICE_URL or passed via options


To use tests users from the Whistler Service, pass whistler: true to the createTestUsers options You will also need to removeTestUser once you're done using them
import {createTestUser, removeTestUser} from '@webex/test-users';

createTestUser({whistler: true}).then((myTestUser) => {
  // Do something amazing with myTestUser

  // When done, remove the test user

Whistler requires additional environment variables and scopes to generate test users:
  • WHISTLER_MACHINE_ACCOUNT - The Machine Account that can generate and authorize requests to the Whistler Service
  • WHISTLER_MACHINE_PASSWORD - The password for the given Machine Account
  • WHISTLER_TEST_ORG_ID - The Test Org ID that has the ability to get test users from the Whistler Service
  • WHISTLER_API_SERVICE_URL - The Webex url for the Whistler Service to get test users


This package is maintained by Cisco Webex for Developers.


Pull requests welcome. Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.


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