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What does it do
It can create the illusion of endless scrolling (wrapping) horizontally. To do this it handles scrolling (through mouse, scrollwheel, touch and keyboard) and handles cloning nodes and repositioning content.
Usage of Carrousel
Simple example: (see chapter 'Usage examples' for more examples)
import Carrousel from "@webhare/dompack-carrousel";

let carrousel = new Carrousel(viewport
    , { gap:          0
      , activeslidealignment:  "viewport_left"

[component videocarrousel]
  <div class="carrousel__viewport">
    [forevery slide]
      <div class="carrousel__cell">
        <div class="videoscarrousel__item__image"
             style="background-color: [image.dominantcolor];
                    background-image: url([image.link]);"

    <div class="carrousel__previous"><span class="fa fa-chevron-left"></span></div>
    <div class="carrousel__next"><span class="fa fa-chevron-right"></span></div>

You can add additional (JSON encoded) setting to the data-carrousel-options attribute of the viewport node.
<div class="carrousel__viewport" data-carrousel-options='{"activeslidealignment": "middle"}'>
  • as image carrousel (horizontal strip with images which wrap/repeat)
  • as carrousel for articles
  • as slideshow
  • grid/masonry of items which wraps
  • meant to be used with { box-sizing: border-box }
  • FIXME: at the moment the X position of elements must be sorted to function correctly?
  • Trackpad has to be handled yourself by now, which can only reliably be done by detecting scroll on a focussed element.
Additional suggestions for usage
A) For slides that don't resize with the viewport:
- cell container with the explicit width, for mobile override with a max-width: 75vw;
- cell-image use width: 100% and padding-top: to keep it's aspect ratio
- other elements in the cell must also max-width: 100%;
B) Slides that are flexible in width & height (usually for fullscreen vieweing)
- have data-width and data-height on each cell-image and have JS resize (with correct aspect ratio)
  • slide nodes will get extra data which can be used to lookup to which slide the node belongs.
This can be usefull in handling an event (for example a click) within the carrousel to see in which slide the click was done. You can use the slideidx if you have to look up information related to a slide or the virtualslideidx if you want to use the idx to scroll the carrousel to another slide.
{ slideidx:        // the idx of the original slide (the Xth .carrousel__cell)
, virtualslideidx:
Usage examples
A simple carrousel with the initial active slide starting at the left
let carrousel = new Carrousel(viewport
    , { gap:          0
      , buttonprevious: widget.node.querySelector(".carrousel__previous")
      , buttonnext:     widget.node.querySelector(".carrousel__next")
      , activeslidealignment:  "viewport_left"

Keeping the initial active slide aligned with the content above/below it, while the carrousel extends to the full page/viewport width.
let computed = window.getComputedStyle(measure_element);

let carrousel = new Carrousel(viewport
    , { gap:          0
      , paddingLeft:  parseInt(computed.marginLeft, 10)  + parseInt(computed.paddingLeft, 10)
      , paddingRight: parseInt(computed.marginRight, 10) + parseInt(computed.paddingRight, 10)
      , buttonprevious: widget.node.querySelector(".carrousel__previous")
      , buttonnext:     widget.node.querySelector(".carrousel__next")
      , activeslidealignment:  "viewport_left"

An carrousel in which the initial active slide is in the middle. (in case the padding at the left and right isn't equal, you can add paddingLeft and paddingRight)
widget.carrousel = new Carrousel(viewport
    , { name:         "videos"
      , gap:          0
      , activeslidealignment: "middle"

Move the slide to the center upon clicking on/in it

// iScroll replacement for "click", for quick response and it won't be triggered during a drag/swipe
widget.node.addEventListener("tap", doCheckForCarouselVideoTrigger);

function doCheckForCarouselVideoTrigger(event)
  var slidecontainer = dompack.closest(event.target, ".carrousel__cell");
  if (!slidecontainer)

  if (dompack.closest(event.target, ".carrousel__cell__playbutton"))

    // Move the slide in which we started the video to the center

Known issues
  • IE10/11 may return 0 as clientWidth for the scrollarea.
The workaround is to add a   at the end of the scrollarea content.
  • Bug with not activating the active slide initially

  • (missing feature) refresh() assumes snap is set to true and scrolls to fix the slide to snap again
Future enhancements
  • option for keyboard navigation to be 'per slide/element' or '% of viewport' or 'amount of pixels'?
  • more keyboard navigation (shift+left/right arrow, apple+left/right)
  • autoplay (usefull when used as slideshow)
  • upon resizing try to keep the centerpoint in the % position on screen it was on when the resize started
  • function to call which detects new slides (ignores copies we made). But how