ESLint plugin for WooCommerce development.

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ESLint Plugin
This is an ESLint plugin including configurations and custom rules for WooCommerce development.
Note: This primarily extends the @wordpress/eslint-plugin/recommended ruleset and does not change any of the rules exposed on that plugin. As a base, all WooCommerce projects are expected to follow WordPress JavaScript Code Styles.
However, this ruleset does implement the following (which do not conflict with WordPress standards):
  • Using typescript eslint parser to allow for eslint Import (see issue)
  • prettier formatting (using wp-prettier)
  • Dependency grouping (External and Internal) for dependencies in JavaScript files
  • No yoda conditionals
  • Radix argument required for parseInt.


Install the module
pnpm install @woocommerce/eslint-plugin --save-dev


To opt-in to the default configuration, extend your own project's .eslintrc.js file:
module.exports = {
  "extends": [ "plugin:@woocommerce/eslint-plugin/recommended" ]

Refer to the ESLint documentation on Shareable Configs for more information.
The recommended preset will include rules governing an ES2015+ environment, and includes rules from the @wordpress/eslint-plugin/recommended project.
If you want to use prettier in your code editor, you'll need ot create a .prettierrc.js file at the root of your project with the following:
module.exports = require("@wordpress/prettier-config");


| Rule | Description | Recommended | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ----------------------------------------- | ----------- | | dependency-group | Enforce dependencies docblocks formatting | ✓ |