An entrypoint for webpack which is added automatically for safe publicPath.

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A custom entry-point for webpack. This is designed to set the publicPath dynamically under production build. This should not be used elsewhere.
Please see wpack.io for usage.


If using yarn
yarn add @wpackio/entrypoint

or with npm
npm i @wpackio/entrypoint


It is taken care of automatically. What @wpackio/scripts does is adds @wpackio/entrypoint/lib/index.js under all entry-points.
It depends on __WPACKIO__ free variable, as defined by webpack.DefinePlugin. All of it is taken care of by @wpackio/scripts.


This package has the same npm scripts as this monorepo. These should be run using lerna run <script>. More information can be found under CONTRIBUTION.md.
  • build: Use babel to build for nodejs 8.6+. Files inside src are compiled and put under lib. All type definitions are stripped and individual type declaration files are created.
  • prepare: Run build after yarn and before publish.
  • lint: Lint all files using eslint.
  • test: Run tests on files using jest.