Flexible, Reusable, Mobile friendly DatePicker Component

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React DatePicker

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Flexible, Reusable, Mobile friendly DatePicker Component

🎬 Intro




Demo in Storybook
Edit React Datepicker

✨ Major Component

  • RangeDatePicker
  • DatePicker
  • Standalone Calendar

The components that you can use are as follows: If you want to configure the DatePicker yourself, you can configure it any way you want through the Default Calendar component.

πŸ”§ Built With

  • TypeScript
  • Sass
  • React

πŸ“¦ Dependency

  • Moment.js

In previous versions, moment.js were used. but now it is changed to Day.js to because of bundle size issue (#14)

Day.js is a javascript library for Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times. this component use Day.js library to globalize and control date. You can check the locale list through this link.

πŸ“² Installation

yarn add @y0c/react-datepicker
# or 
npm install --save @y0c/react-datepicker

πŸ’‘ Examples

Simple DatePicker

// import Calendar Component 
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { DatePicker } from '@y0c/react-datepicker';
// import calendar style 
// You can customize style by copying asset folder.
import '@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/calendar.scss';

class DatePickerExample extends Component {

  onChange = (date) => {
    // Day.js object

    // to normal Date object
  render() {
    return (
      <DatePicker onChange={this.onChange}/>

You can find more Exmaples and Demo in story book link

🌎 i18n

Features for i18n are provided by Day.js by default.
see locale list https://github.com/iamkun/dayjs/tree/dev/src/
and you can customize the locale object
// use day.js locale
import 'dayjs/locale/ko'

// delivery prop locale string  
<DatePicker locale="ko" />

// or define customize locale object 
const locale = {
  name: 'ko',
  weekdays: 'μΌμš”μΌ_μ›”μš”μΌ_ν™”μš”μΌ_μˆ˜μš”μΌ_λͺ©μš”일_κΈˆμš”μΌ_ν† μš”μΌ'.split('_'),
  weekdaysShort: '일_μ›”_ν™”_수_λͺ©_금_ν† '.split('_'),
  months: '1μ›”_2μ›”_3μ›”_4μ›”_5μ›”_6μ›”_7μ›”_8μ›”_9μ›”_10μ›”_11μ›”_12μ›”'.split('_'),

// delivery propr locale object
<DatePicker locale={locale} />

Defaults locale en

🎨 Themeing

  1. Copy this project asset folder under scss file
  2. Override scss variable you want(variable.scss)
( red theme examples )
// red_theme.scss
$base-font-size: 12px;
$title-font-size: 1.3em;

// override scss variable
$primary-color-dark: #e64a19;
$primary-color: #ff5722;
$primary-color-light: #ffccbc;
$primary-color-text: #ffffff;
$accent-color: #ff5252;
$primary-text-color: #212121;
$secondary-text-color: #757575;
$divider-color: #e4e4e4;
$today-bg-color: #fff9c4;

// import mixin 
@import "../node_modules/@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/_mixin.scss";
// import app scss
// if you want other style customize 
// app.scss copy & rewrite !
@import "../node_modules/@y0c/react-datepicker/assets/styles/app.scss";

if you want custom css rewrite app.scss file
Try this example!
Edit 1rw1lp8w7j

βš™οΈ Local Development

This component is managed by a storybook which is combined with develop environment and documentation. If you want develop in local environment, clone project and develop through a storybook
# clone this project
git clone https://github.com/y0c/react-datepicker.git
# install dependency
# start storybook 
yarn run storybook
Open your browser and connect http://localhost:6006

πŸ’Ό Get Support

Please fork and use https://codesandbox.io/s/pw6n17pk57 to reproduce your problem.
  • Open a new issue(Bug or Feature) on Github
  • Join the Gitter room to chat with other developers.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ Contribution

Issue and Pull Request are always welcome!

πŸ“ License