Utilities for tile structured data

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Tile Utils
A library of utilities and interfaces to work with (spatial) tiled data.

How to use

First install with npm or yarn:
npm install --save @yaga/tile-utils
# OR
yarn install --save @yaga/tile-utils

For additional information about the functions and interfaces provided with this library, please take a look at the API documentation. You can create your own ones with the NPM script task:
npm run doc
take a look at the "NPM script tasks" section for further information.

NPM script tasks

  • npm test: runs software test and create a coverage report in folder coverage.
  • npm run doc: creates an API documentation and places it in the folder typedoc.
  • npm run lint: lints the project agains the tslint default rule-set.
  • npm run transpile: transpiles the TypeScript code into a JavaScript one and places it into the folder typedoc.