A Cosmos DB server implementation

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A Cosmos DB server implementation for testing your apps locally.
const { default: cosmosServer } = require("@zeit/cosmosdb-server");
const { CosmosClient } = require("@azure/cosmos");
const https = require("https");

cosmosServer().listen(3000, () => {
  console.log(`Cosmos DB server running at https://localhost:3000`);


async function runClient() {
  const client = new CosmosClient({
    endpoint: `https://localhost:3000`,
    key: "dummy key",
    // disable SSL verification
    // since the server uses self-signed certificate
    agent: https.Agent({ rejectUnauthorized: false })

  // initialize databases since the server is always empty when it boots
  const { database } = await client.databases.createIfNotExists({ id: 'test-db' });
  const { container } = await database.containers.createIfNotExists({ id: 'test-container' });

  // use the client
  // ...

To choose between listening for HTTP and HTTPS, import the right function.
const { createHttpServer, createHttpsServer } = require("@zeit/cosmosdb-server"); 

To run the server on cli:
cosmosdb-server -p 3000

or without SSL:
cosmosdb-server -p 3000 --no-ssl


npm install @zeit/cosmosdb-server

It exposes the cosmosdb-server cli command as well.


cosmosServer(opts?: https.ServerOptions): https.Server

Create a new instance of cosmos server. You can pass https server options as the argument.
See https.createServer for more information.

Supported operations

  • Database operations.
  • Container operations.
  • Item operations.
  • User-defined function operations.
  • Any SQL queries except the spatial functions ST_ISVALID and ST_ISVALIDDETAILED. Other spatial functions are supported; however, the ST_DISTANCE function uses centroid distances and results may differ from Cosmos DB values.

It may not support newly added features yet. Please report on the Github issue if you find one.


To build the project, use yarn build.
To run the server from development code, after building, use node lib/cli.js.