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A Node.js ESLint configuration for ZEIT source code.


Add this package to your project as a dev-dependency:
$ yarn add --dev eslint @zeit/eslint-config-base

Optionally add @zeit/git-hooks if you want to auto-lint upon committing:
$ yarn add --dev @zeit/git-hooks

Then initialize the linter. Note that any optional stuff (git hooks) need to be present before running this script.
$ yarn zeit-lint-init

In the event you need to re-run the configuration (e.g. you forgot one of the optional packages), you can use --force to re-run the configuration process.
The caveats to this are that any after-the-fact manual changes to eslintConfig will be overwritten, and any optional dependency configurations (git hooks, etc.) that were removed since the first time zeit-lint-init was run will remain in package.json and need to be manually cleaned up.
$ yarn zeit-lint-init --force