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This package contains a variety of classes that apply consistent styling to tables, rows, and columns.


npm install @zendeskgarden/css-tables


Once installed, table CSS can be accessed via postcss-import.
@import '@zendeskgarden/css-tables';

Component CSS provides styling for the following basic table structure.
<table class="c-table">
  <caption class="c-table__caption">
    Table Caption
    <tr class="c-table__row c-table__row--header">
      <th class="c-table__row__cell">...</th>
      <!-- additional header columns... -->
    <!-- additional header rows... -->
    <tr class="c-table__row">
      <td class="c-table__row__cell">...</td>
      <!-- additional body columns... -->
    <!-- additional body rows... -->


See http://zendeskgarden.github.io/css-components/tables/ for a variety of table modification classes, including: small and large sizing, zebra-striped rows, minimized and truncated cells, in-context menu overflow, support for RTL, etc.


Use the following checklist to ensure your tables follow accessibility best practice.
  • Every table must include a <caption> element with the title of the
table as its first descendant. The .c-table__caption BEM component provides minimal styling (along with support for RTL) and is meant to be enhanced with custom CSS for individual table designs.
  • Use aria-sort to indicate column sort order.
  • Use a button to handle keyboard toggle for a
.c-table__row__cell__sortable component. Combined with the previous point, the HTML would look something like this:
<th aria-sort="ascending" class="c-table__row__cell">
  <button class="c-table__row__cell__sortable" type="button">Sortable Column</button>

  • Use a button with aria-haspopup to handle
.c-table__row__cell__overflow components. Again, the HTML would be similar to:
<td class="c-table__row__cell c-table__row__cell--overflow">
  <button aria-haspopup="true" class="c-table__row__cell__overflow" type="button">
    <ul aria-hidden="true" class="c-menu c-menu--down" role="menu">
      <li class="c-menu__item" role="menuitem">...</li>


See the <Table> component for virtual scrolling and intended mouse and keyboarding behaviors.